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Talent strategy

Assessments, Compensation studies, Board advisory

We support managers and management teams in the areas of HR advisory and complementary recruiting challenges with a large offering of services tailored to each situation.

You face numerous challenges:

  • Looking to clarify governance body tasks or implement a remuneration committee?
  • Looking to create a dedicated process to identify and support talents?
  • Looking to conduct a compensation study to get a sharper view of current market practices?
  • Looking to deepen candidate assessments to facilitate decision-making?
  • Looking to define and implement a customer / candidate experience that meets the ambitions of your employer brand?
  • Looking to prepare succession plans for key positions?


Our evaluation process follows a two-pronged methodology that encompasses the study of key skills and professional behaviors.

Career analysis, achievement analysis, personality reviews (personal characteristics and working methods); Profile adequacy assessments for open positions; Analyses of motivational factors, social and professional behaviors, and psychological capacity.


Facilitating the decision-making of a Human Resources Direction in the context of mobility with several internal candidates.
Validating professional behavior before appointing a business expert to a managerial position.

These are often matters of allowing behavior observation on the spot, in direct connection with the frame of reference of the company. These role-playing scenarios can be individual or collective, such as:
– Presentation of personal accomplishments
– Strategic vision exercices
– ‘In basket’: handling of complex situations with priority management facing multiple people
– Management of difficult issues face to face
– Group role-playing

These results allow a broader assessment of the reactions of a manager (or expert) from distinct perspectives:
– Intellectual (development and adaptation of strategies, curiosity and innovation, critical thinking and risk management…)
– Relational (listening, observation, assertiveness, leadership…)
– Emotional (stress control, emotion management, resilience…)
– Operational (steering, adherence, change management, uncertainty management…)

Board Advisory

Governance advisorySetting up a remuneration committee

Help in defining Executive Committee duties

Planning and leading management seminars


A company’s compensation systems needed to be streamlined, following the arrival and integration of new staff from different environments.Compensation procedures had not evolved and suffered from significant disparity in performance indicators. To handle such issues, the ACPR (France’s Prudential Control and Resolution Authority) recommends setting up a compensation committee.

We defined the committee’s duties, its role and responsibilities, as well as its composition and operating procedures. Subsequently, we also identified and assisted in sitting two independent members on the committee, as required for its proper operation.

Compensation Studies

Ideal partners for communicating trends and providing market information, we conduct targeted studies and advise companies looking to review their compensation systems and associated governance structures.


Acquiring a clearer view of market practices outside the traditional “fixed salary and bonus” paradigm and framing those practices into actionable insights and advice for the Management Board.
More than Executive Search, Career Design