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Executive Search

A trusted recruitment ally for executives and the financial sector since 1987

Our core business is executive search for leaders, experts and managers. At Vendôme Associés, our deep understanding of individuals and our command over the intricacies and nuances of the Finance professions empower us to deliver a distinctive recruitment service that seamlessly blends expertise, customization, and innovation.



Our goal is to find the most harmonious alignment between the candidate and the organization, considering not only technical prowess and human abilities, but also the resonance of cultural values.

Our strengths:

A personalized approach

We adopt a tailor-made recruitment strategy, perfectly aligned with the culture and core values of your company. This method ensures an ideal match between the technical skills of the candidates and their personality, thus guaranteeing a harmonious integration.

Deep expertise

Our consultants, experts in their field, work closely with your teams to conduct precise research efficiently. Their experience allows them to fully grasp the requirements of the position and the internal dynamics of your company, thus facilitating relevant recruitments.

Creativity and precision

Each assigment is considered as a unique project that requires an inventive approach.

Long-lasting partnerships

We build and value long-term relationships with our clients and candidates, built on trust and excellence, for fruitful collaborations over time.

Measurable results

Our journey is marked by success, with a multitude of missions efficiently accomplished, contributing significantly to the prosperity of our clients.

Historic Expertise

Our know-how allows us to respond to each mission entrusted with creativity and efficiency. We offer a tailor-made approach adapted to the contexts, culture, and values of your company. Our consultants with recognized expertise work in close synergy with an internal research department. A proximity that contributes to the development of a long-term and sustainable relationship with our clients and candidates.


Our approach unfolds in three strategic phases:

Diagnosis and Understanding

This is the initial phase where we take time to understand the specificities, culture, and values of the company. We also study the position that needs to be filled, its environment, its objectives, and other essential elements necessary for the successful completion of the mission.

Once we have defined the position and the target profile (including key skills and required human qualities), we set up the research process. This includes deciding on the targets to approach, setting the timeline for completion, and determining the decision-making process for the mission.

Selection and Evaluation

In this phase, we carry out research through a direct approach to better identify individuals with the required talents and skills. The interviews conducted during this phase allow us to understand the motivations and all aspects of the candidates’ personality, and to test their cultural fit with the company. We then establish a detailed and argued file that translates our vision of the candidate’s adaptation to the position.

Extensive and regular updates with our clients and candidates guarantee improved transparency and increase the visibility of the field reality and the advancement of the searches.

Integration and Follow-up

After the mission is accomplished, we ensure a smooth transition over time and remain in close proximity with our clients and the candidates. This is to ensure an optimal transition and their integration within the new entity.

Our financial DNA, combined with a fine knowledge of the players and professions, has been serving financial institutions and companies of all sizes for 37 years.

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